Shark Spotted on 6A

Breaking News: Shark Spotted on 6A During Winter Storm Riley Sandwich, MA March 2- 2018, a great white shark was spotted swimming the roads by Scorton Creek. The shark was swept up into the streets due to the storm surge and tragic flooding. He roamed the roads for about seven hours before NOAA captured him. Fortunately, no other sharks were seen. No one was hurt or interacted with the shark. The shark was held in the National Marine Life Center in Buzzard’s Bay until the storm ended. He was tagged by NOAA before being released back into the ocean. We are now anticipating more sharks to be swept into the streets due to future storms. We have made ways to prevent the sharks from coming out of the ocean. They are dangerous to the population and would never want anyone to feel unsafe. Please know we are going to do everything we physically can to prevent sharks and other marine animals to come out of the ocean!
Written by: Mikayla Zylich…

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Forced Perspective

This picture was taken in Washington D.C. at the Washington Monument. My dad helped me take the picture by getting low and telling me where I should place my hand so it looked like I was touching the top even though I was 2 miles away from it. This technique is a cool allusion to the eye because at first glance people think I am actually touching the top of the monument but I am actually just far away and placed my hand so it looks like I am touching it. Creating this image took a couple tries because I wanted the picture to look real. There was a certain angle my dad had to stand in order to make that happen. I think the photo came out very well and it looks pretty real.